Facial Spa Kirkland

Facial Spa KirklandA facial is generally described as the beauty treatment one receives that focuses on the facial area. It is among the best ways of taking care of your skin, and especially when the service is given by a knowledgeable and experienced esthetician. Besides giving facials, you may want to look into facial fillers in Kirkland for an additional service provided at facial spas.  It is advisable when going for a facial to ensure that you get the job done by a licensed esthetician. Identifying a professional and licensed facial spa in Kirkland and the surrounding environs is not difficult as one can even make a search in directory service.
The purpose of a facial treatment is to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin wholesomely in order to allow it to soak in the nutrients from moisturizers and balms used after the skin pores have been opened and cleaned. It promotes a well-hydrated and clear skin complexion which enables you to look younger. The kind of facial treatment that one should get will mainly be dependent on the skin type.

Some of the steps that are taken in a facial spa during the treatments include the following:

1) Getting consultation:  The first step in a facial treatment should always be a consultation where you provide detailed information about your skin. This may include they kind of skin, your diet, the current skin regimen you are on, how much water you get to drink and if you have any skin problems among others.
2)Cleansing:  Next, after wrapping your hair in a towel, the esthetician will use a cotton pad or a sponge and a mild cleanser to thoroughly cleanse your skin so as to completely open your pores up. This will be done in preparation for the treatment.
3) Examination:  In this stage, your face will be analyzed under a special type of light and sometimes with a special magnifying device. The aesthetician will find out if you have any skin conditions such as sun-damaged skin, acne, blackheads, aging skin, skin dehydration and white heads. All these will reveal the exact type of treatment you should receive and the products that should be used.
4) Exfoliation:  Mechanical or chemical exfoliation takes place during this stage where a gritty substance is used on the skin. The main purpose is the removal of dead (old) skin cells from the epidermis or the outer skin layer to reveal the healthier and newer layer of skin underneath. Exfoliation helps to reduce wrinkles, unclogs your pores and generally improves your skin texture.
5) Extraction:  This may be rather painful as the whiteheads and blackheads are removed by hand. You can opt not to have it done.
6) Massage:  In this stage, your face will be massaged to ease your muscles and any pain in preparation for the next treatment.
7) Facial Mask:  A mask for your particular type of skin will be applied for 10-15 minutes then removed with clean water. However, you can choose not to have it.
8) Toner:  A toner will be applied as a finishing procedure to close the pores and eliminate excess bacteria and oil. It leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

Afterwards the esthetician will recommend the skin care products you should use to keep the skin healthy. Your professional facial spa in Kirkland should give you the best services that will keep you coming back for more and recommending to others.

Private Skin Care Clinic are an extremely private Facial Spa in Kirkland that provides you complete anonymity. There will be no one in the waiting room “listening in” on what your skin care concerns are or what treatments you are scheduled for. This is between you and your clinician.  At our facial spa in Kirkland  — your skin care is our main concern and we are here to help you obtain the best possible results for your skin.


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